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Sifu Aaron

Aaron came to TaiJi as many of us do, circuitously. Before coming to Tai Ji, he practiced both Judo and Aikido to high levels of accomplishment. He continues to participate in specialty trainings with Master Dan Harden and we are the richer for it.

Aaron first met Master Waysun Liao in Chicago and discovered his taste for the arcane art after personally experiencing one of Liao’s famous “FaChing at a Distance” demonstrations. As Aaron puts it, “The wall seemed to come to me without any help on my part.” He’s been a devotee ever since. After meeting Sifu Ron in Florida, Aaron become a devoted student and has matured into the natural and respected Senior Instructor at House of TaiJi.
He is our treasure.

Aaron’s deep intuitive sense of energy flows make his career as a Body Worker and Healer a natural outgrowth of TaiJi (or perhaps the other way round...) He is also a student of Yoga, and can be found focusing his healing energy on students after class on Saturday mornings.

An accomplished Private Brewmaster, Aaron anticipates brewing more and better craft beers after retirement. (Stay tuned for details.)

He is married with adult children and resides in South Florida.
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Shifu Jen

Shifu Jen began studying ShaoLin and later Aikido on the West Coast in the 70’s. Encountering a verse from the Tao Te Ching on the bulletin board, she was transfixed and began her lifelong Journey into Tao. After a break of thirty years to allow for travel, career and adult seasoning, she began her studies in Temple Style TaiJi with Sifu Ron Hoffmann in Florida. She can be found interpreting the words of Sifu Aaron on Saturday classes, then serving tea.

Her career as a Corporate Consultant, Author and Speaker has given her the opportunity to visit and enjoy the teachings of TaiJi Academies in Taiwan and around the U.S.

She remarks that she discovered her Chi on a visit to Taiwan, in a car with “Three Guys Named Master”, and has never looked back.

Shifu Jen is the author of Ten Zen, an introduction to Tao and TaiJi.

Jennifer is married and divides her time between Weston Florida and Portland, Oregon.

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