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TaiJi for Health
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Tranquility - Serenity

Continual pressure, stress and tension can be devastating both mentally and physically. The elimination of constant stress and tension and its detrimental effects on the organism cannot be achieved through physical relaxation alone. The mind must also be calmed. To achieve peacefulness and serenity in the manner of Tai Chi, the head is suspended erect, the spinal column is vertical, the body is relaxed. The eyes are relaxed, not completely opened; they are concentrated, but not in a fixed stare. The ears listen to the breathing from within. The mind is emptied of thought. The breathing is gentle, slow, deep and quiet. The self is calmed. Concentration on each movement and the effect is felt on the body and being as a whole.

When you move you feel like you are flowing in air - you are swimming in air in slow motion. You have concentrated your whole organism naturally. You have eliminated bothersome routine thoughts; the pressures of everyday life are forgotten and the reactions of the physical body to these pressure and the emotions involved are eliminated and the organism is tranquil, the body functioning naturally, harmoniously with itself and the mind.

The Benefits of Tai Chi on the Body

Tai Chi generally strengthens the whole organism.

Tai Chi supplies adequate oxygen to the cells; the cells consequently are healthier; tissues are healthier; the muscles are healthier; the organs are healthier; the whole body is healthier.

Because the spine is straightened during Tai Chi, the back becomes firmer with an improved posture. This eliminates cramped organs, backaches, shoulder pains, leg aches, muscle aches, and mild cases of slipped discs.

Tai Chi movement strengthens all muscles because it is total movement:

· The heart is strengthened
· The eyes are strengthened
· The body becomes firm (no bulging muscles) though supple and strong

Tai Chi eliminates obesity.

Tai Chi promotes proper digestion.

Tai Chi generally regulates normal bodily functions.

There are therapeutic benefits for:

· People with arthritis
· Diabetics
· Heart patients
· Mentally and physically handicapped
· People suffering from prolonged acute illness
· Convalescents
· The aged
· The infirm

(The above people should be under the direction of a physician when using Tai Chi as therapy.)

Tai Chi is a preventative as well as a curative.

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