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Jennifer StJohn & TaiJi

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Shifu Jennifer StJohn
1952 - 2018
Founder: House of TaiJi

Shifu Jen began studying ShaoLin and later Aikido on the West Coast in the 70’s. Encountering a verse from the Tao Te Ching on the bulletin board, she was transfixed and began her lifelong Journey into Tao. After a break of thirty years to allow for travel and career, she began her studies in Temple Style TaiJi with Sifu Ron Hoffmann in Florida.

"I met Ron one evening at his home for a private lesson. I was checking his skills. It took me less than a minute of rolling hands to know that I had found the real thing. The next twelve years were a blur of daily practice, travel to remote seminars with his teacher, weekend training as my conference room became home to the House of TaiJi, and the big trip to Taiwan to practice with the local association, visit the Monastery, see an herbal doctor and an acupuncturist and oh, and a Taoist Priest... It was magical."

Her career as a Corporate Consultant, Author and Speaker had given her the opportunity to visit and enjoy the teachings of TaiJi Academies in Taiwan and around the U.S. She had said that she discovered her Chi on a visit to Taiwan, in a car with “Three Guys Named Master”, and never looked back.

Shifu Jen is the author of Ten Zen, an introduction to Tao and TaiJi.

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Master Ronald Anton Hoffmann
1948 - 2014
Founder: House of TaiJi

"I gave my life to TaiJi and TaiJi has given me my life!" - Sifu (Master) Ron Hoffmann

As a teacher of Tao, Zen and the Martial Arts, Ron Hoffman had no parallel and no equal. He was flamboyant, brash, aggressive and always willing to Mix It Up! Ron was Old School Chicago and began studying the art shortly after being beat up by some bullies in the alley behind his home. "Once they pushed my face into the cinders, I knew I had to get strong!" he said.

He studied Judo, Karate, Aikido, Shaolin and won a wall full of trophies during an uproarious and fun filled career as a rock and roll body guard and tournament champion. Ultimately he came to TaiChi as a student of Grand Master Waysun Liao.

"I felt Liao's energy as we shook hands, and I immediately asked to become his student!" Ron became Liao's Number One and represented the TaiChiTao Center on numerous visits to other schools for demonstrations and "skill comparisons." Later, Liao introduced Ron to Fah-Su, Abbott of the Monastery of the 18 Lohans in Taiwan where he lived, studied, practiced and was named a Zen Priest -- gifted on his departure with the Abbott's personal robe...

Though he never actually broke any of the furniture, those of us who practiced with him regularly found ourselves dodging chairs, tables and artwork. His power was undeniable. He was perhaps the only individual to study classical TaiJi as taught by a Monk and classical Shaolin as a Monk in a Taiwanese monastery. Always one of a kind, Ron will be missed as we take House of TaiJi to the next generation...

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