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Ten Zen Book
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The classic Zen Story makes a learning experience available at a safe distance. There’s something freeing about witnessing someone else having a bright moment — a flash of insight.

Many of the great teachers propound their lessons in parables. A story is easy on the ears, spoken in the common tongue, involving people not that different than you or I, so the lesson might have application to our lives as well.

The perennial wisdom has no country. This small book is yet another doorway to the infinite. Open this door and discover them for yourself.

“Reading these stories — from a wise teacher — takes us away from the everyday din to a quieter, stronger and more powerful place. It may be the dojo, the office, the classroom or at home. Wherever we find it, it’s a good place to be. I invite you to read Ten Zen and find out for yourself.” — Clark Kellogg, Professor of Innovation & Design Thinking, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

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